Termites Have Destroyed this Beam

Begin studying this picture from the right to the left.  The white line on the beam that looks like a river is actually destruction from Termites,  they have weakened this beam, it has split and therefore it is not doing its job of holding up the flooring in this home.  Also if you will look closely on the left side of the picture you will see mud hanging from the boards, these are mud tubes which are created by Termites.   It is important to have your Home Inspected for Wood Destroying Insects (WDI Inspection) prior to purchase.  It also is Extrememely important to have annual inspections to make sure that Termites or Carpenter Ants are not eating your home.  Realty Inspection Services offers an annual inspection for $175.00.  This comes with an annual warranty where we will come treat any area that becomes infested during that year for FREE!!!  Call today and lets keep your home intact!  817-577-9600

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