One Stop Shop Home Inspection!

We entered into a house purchase contract just 3 days before leaving on a two-week, out-of-the-country vacation. Time was of-the-essenceĀ and our realtor provided a list of eight (8) candidate inspectors. We didn’t have time to “shop around” and were told that RIS would be a likely first choice. They showed up just 24 hours after my phone call and absolutely exceeded our most optimistic expectations.

Key words to describe our experience would include … Accommodating, courteous, one-stop, thorough, balanced, rational, professional, personable, and honest. On that last point … the inspector freely admitted areas where a specialist might be advisable to “dig deeper” and volunteered a partial refund for the pool inspection which he was unable to perform due to a non-functioning controller.

We will confidently recommend RIS to anyone we encounter who is in need of these services.

Rich Lyon

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