Report Was Beneficial to Me

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It was a joy to work with your team, and Paul.  Paul took his time to go through each item in the report and in addition showed me several items and explained why it would be beneficial [Read more…]

Inspected My House Like It Was His Mother’s

Happy Clients

Howdy.  I’ve used your company twice in the past month.  And I must say Rich did a great job.  He went above and beyond what is required of him to make sure [Read more…]

If Only I Could Reach

Faucet FailThe Little Faucet That Could!  New Construction needs inspected also and here is another reason why.  This faucet fail was found in a home that was inspected by our Professional [Read more…]

Does Your Refrigerator Seal Right

How much food does your refrigerator hold? Samsung’s 31.6 cu. ft. French Door refrigerator can hold the equivalent of 32 bags of groceries (based on one cubic foot of usable space equaling one paper bag of groceries). While most refrigerators don’t hold quite that much, a family will need a refrigerator with a capacity to hold four to six cubic feet of storage for each adult in a household. Regardless of its size, regular maintenance can help keep a refrigerator running at maximum efficiency.

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Paul Made The Process Easy

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Paul was our Inspector, and an excellent inspector he was. His expertise and professionalism was outstanding. Paul allowed me to observe what he was doing [Read more…]

Chicken Little The Sky Is Falling

skylightThe skylight has fallen!  Where does the rain go?  Where are the birds going?   With all of this moisture is your home safe?

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Inspection Was Awesome

Rich_2_siteIt was Awesome!!!  This guy looked at things that I know we didnt even notice. When we buy another we will be using yall and I am going to give your info

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Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Fort Wort Home InspectorIs your home for sale?  Is it ready for the Home Inspector to come in and do his job so that the sale of your home will go smoother?  Here are some great tips [Read more…]

What Does The Fox Inspect

Fox On The RoofWhat Does The Fox Inspect?  We love having helpers at our Fort Worth Home Inspections. This fox was enjoying some sunshine and really didn’t want us on the roof.   [Read more…]

Home Buying A Lot Less Scary

Hurst Home InspectorHi!  Our home inspection with Paul was great. He was incredibly professional, and took the time to address [Read more…]