Do You Need A Personal Gardener


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Buyer Appreciated The Extra Attention

Keller Home InspectorGreat Inspection!  Thank you. Paul Crowe did a great job. He was very thorough in his inspection and showed such patience with us as we asked questions. [Read more…]

Our Inspectors Are Pet Friendly

Realty Inspection Services is proud to let you know that if your pets are people friendly then we are delighted for them to stay home during the inspection. Moving is stressful on our pets also.  Strangers are coming an going and pets get confused. If your pets are people friendly then we are delighted for them to stay safe and sound [Read more…]

Client Had a GREAT Inspection

Paul C For WebI had a great inspection! Paul Crowe was my inspector. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. I was present for the inspection [Read more…]

Dryer Fires Can Be Avoided

Dryer Vent Hazard

In most homes, the clothes dryer has become an necessity. And for families with children, laundry often seems never-ending. But, many families don’t know that clothes dryers can be a leading cause of [Read more…]

Knowledge is Power

hurst-home-inspectors-knowledge-appreciatedOur inspection went well. We are purchasing this home for our son and daughter in law. I’m in the construction business, so I understood everything [Read more…]

Happy Agent, Happy Client Happy Happy Happy

Happy Clients You did a great job for my client, Robert C. He was very satisfied, and so was I. You have earned my business, Regards Harold, Remax               [Read more…]

Well If It Keeps The Garage Cool Then It Is Cool

Professional Home Inspection Grand PrairieWe Find some funny stuff that homeowners put on their homes.  This car fanatic has done a great job recycling his materials!   Paul Viveros, Real Estate Inspector, [Read more…]

Much Appreciated

Realty Inspection Services Colleyville Texas Our inspection went really well. We appreciated working with Paul. He was very thorough and thoughtful about everything he found. We appreciated [Read more…]

Periscope Dryer Vent

Periscope Dryer Vent What will stop the Rain from coming in? What will stop the Critters from coming in? Will the rain keep the dryer lint from starting a house fire? [Read more…]