Home Tech: Affordable And Uncomplicated Ideas To Add Enjoyment To Your Home

Fort Worth Home InspectorDid You Know It’s Almost The Year That Michael J. Fox Went ‘Back To The Future?’

While we don’t have hover boards or flying cars, our innovations have changed drastically since 1985, especially when it comes to technology in the home. Now there are many affordable innovations that are simple to use and can add unique benefits and enjoyment to routine activities.

High-Fashion, High-Function Faucets

Kitchen faucets continue to increase in functionality and style – but imagine the convenience of having a faucet that can sense what you’re trying to accomplish, and with a simple wave of your hand, immediately responds to your needs. New MotionSense technology from Moen offers you three ways to operate the faucet. In addition to the traditional handle, you can activate the kitchen faucet by using the Wave Sensor – by waving your hand over the faucet to turn on and off – or the Ready Sensor – by placing your hands or an object under the spout. [Read more…]

Four Fast Fixes For A Fabulous Shower

For Many People, The Shower Is An Escape From Reality … Perhaps The Only ‘Me Time’ In An Otherwise Hectic Day.

[Read more…]

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal For A Quicker Sale

Fort Wort Home InspectorSelling A Home In Today’s Market Requires A Bit Of Marketing, Some Sweat And Elbow Grease, And A Touch Of Luck.

But even in a competitive selling market, it is possible to turn the sign in your front yard from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’ so you can move on to your next residence.

First, look at your home as if you were a potential buyer. Drive up to the driveway or the front curb and park, carefully looking at the home as if for the first time. Make note of the beautiful aspects of your home, and also areas that could deter potential buyers. The outside of your home is the first image they will see, both in person, and while pre-shopping online. [Read more…]

Protecting Your Home Against Winter’s ‘Silent Killer’

Fort Worth Home InspectionsIt’s colorless, odorless and the No. 1 cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. And, it worsens in the winter.

Known as the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide (CO) is responsible for an average of 450 deaths and 20,000 emergency room visits each year, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. With more than two-fifths of all CO poisonings occurring between December and February, homeowners are at increased risk once temperatures begin to drop.

“During the winter months, many families turn to heating sources they might not use at other times of the year,” says Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for First Alert, the most trusted name in home safety. “While these heating sources may be effective at providing warmth, they also can pose great risks if not used properly. To help protect loved ones from the dangers of CO poisoning, it is important for homeowners to take proper precautions when dealing with any kind of fuel-burning heat source.” [Read more…]

Home Renovations Before The Holidays

Fort Worth Home InspectionFall is a great time to tackle some of those home improvement projects. Now that the summer vacations are over and children are back in school, you’re ready to make your home all comfy and cozy before the deep freeze and holiday guests arrive.

Consider starting with your bathroom first, since this is a room frequently used both by your family and guests. If your bathroom is dated in decor, aged in function and behind the times in energy efficiency, you’ll be doing your home and your pocketbook a good service by upgrading some features. [Read more…]

Concrete Challenges of Converting Basements or Garages To Living Space

Fort Worth Home InspectorFor homeowners looking to improve the value of their homes – and cope with the needs of multiple generations living under one roof – basement and garage renovations make sense.

Both can enhance home value and add much-needed living space for less than one might spend on building an addition.

Basement and garage projects recoup 66.8 percent and 57.2 percent of their original costs, respectively, at the time of resale, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report. And millions of American households now consist of multiple generations living under one roof, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show. [Read more…]

Button-Up Your Home For Winter

Fort Worth Home InspectorContractors’ slow season makes fall a great time to embark on home improvement projects

As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, it’s time to start thinking about “buttoning up” your home for winter to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable, your belongings safe and high energy costs at bay.

Heating accounts for 34 percent of all annual utility usage, according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home is to seal and insulate the “envelope” – outer walls, windows, doors and roof. By doing so, ENERGY STAR estimates that a homeowner can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, the equivalent to lowering up to 10 percent of total energy costs for the year.  [Read more…]

Four DIY Projects That Can Make Your Home More Secure

Fort Worth Home InspectionsIf spring makes our thoughts turn to love, the cooler temperatures of fall make many of us think about nesting – and, often, how much more we would love our home if we improved it a little.

A sense of security is one of the most comforting aspects of home, so this autumn, why not focus on home improvements that can make your home more secure?

Improving the safety of your home doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming proposition. Here are four simple DIY projects that can help make your house safer: [Read more…]

Is your home making you sick?

Your home – it’s your castle, your sanctuary.

But could the place you go to escape the rest of the world be bad for you? Formaldehyde, chloroform and even asbestos could be in your home and you may not even know it.

First, the good news. “Today we’re designing houses that are green-friendly,” says Dan Lee, Interior Design instructor at The Art Institute of Dallas, a campus of South University, and the president of Lee Design Group. “Materials today have fewer chemicals and less carcinogenic substances.” [Read more…]

Why fall is the time to tackle invasive plant problems

The crisp days of fall will soon be here, but a long dry summer has left many homeowners looking out on lawns and gardens overtaken with invasive weeds and vines.

A yard full of these noxious plants is sure to make it difficult to enjoy the cooler outdoor temperatures.

In 2012, the nation faced one of the hottest summers on record in the last 60 years. With more than two thirds of the country experiencing severe to extreme drought, conditions were ideal for pesky weeds to flourish. [Read more…]