Why All The Fuss About CSST

csstFor three months, NBC 5 Investigates looked at the safety of flexible gas lines known as CSST, corrugated stainless steel tubing. It’s a product used in millions of newer homes [Read more…]

Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Fort Wort Home InspectorIs your home for sale?  Is it ready for the Home Inspector to come in and do his job so that the sale of your home will go smoother?  Here are some great tips [Read more…]

Do You Need A Personal Gardener


[Read more…]

Our Inspectors Are Pet Friendly

Realty Inspection Services is proud to let you know that if your pets are people friendly then we are delighted for them to stay home during the inspection. Moving is stressful on our pets also.  Strangers are coming an going and pets get confused. If your pets are people friendly then we are delighted for them to stay safe and sound [Read more…]

How Long Do Appliances Last

Home Inspector Takes Time
How long will my refrigerator work, is my a/c at the end of its life, what about my carpet, is it too old?  We need a simple  simple guide that will help answer these questions.  Well here it is! [Read more…]

Let’s Fill Up the Bathroom Mom Will Be Surprised

Revolving Faucet for SiteRevolving Faucets are not a Great thing to have but they are a Great thing for your Dallas Home Inspector to Find.  This might mom from having to clean up a HUGE mess! [Read more…]

How Often Do We Need To Change Our Filter

PATTON 3913 EVERGREEN ST IRVING.pdf (SECURED) - Adobe Acrobat ProHelp I Can’t Breath!  Can you imagine trying to breath through this filter?  In order for your HVAC unit to operate properly and for your family to have filtered air it is necessary to change your filter [Read more…]

Home Inspection Glossary

What Does that Mean?

What in the World is our Home Inspector Talking About?  HELP!

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Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes run on less energy, and here at Realty Inspection Services, we want to change that. Drastic reductions [Read more…]

What Does the BBB Say About You?

Future Clients and Realtors look to the Better Business Bureau daily to find out if our company is reputable, reliable, and worth doing business with.   [Read more…]