Pool Leak or Evaporation

If you do suspect a pool leak a simple “Do-It-Yourself” test can help confirm whether you really have a leak [Read more…]

What Is A QR Code

What is a QR code.  It is a Quick Response Code.  They have been in use for many years in Japan for inventory purposes.  Watch out world here they come!  QR codes will [Read more…]

Dallas Home Inspector vs Leaf Filled Gutters

These leaves are beautiful yet when they fill the gutters around your home it can cause some problems.  DFW Home Inspectors [Read more…]

Is A T & P Valve Really That Important?

A T & P valve on a water heater is a safety device to prevent a water heater from exploding. T & P is simply the abbreviation for temperature and pressure, [Read more…]

EPA lead paint law goes into effect April 22

Steven Rappaport is looking for a contractor to redo the kitchen floor in his 1909 home in San Francisco’s Mission District, and he wants to make sure the renovation [Read more…]

What Is Going On Under Your House?

This plumbing leak obviously has been active for many years under this Dallas Texas home.  It is important to maintain your Home inside, outside and below.  If you are unable [Read more…]

Dallas Home Inspection Finds Something Missing

Home Inspector Finds Insulation Missing

Fort Worth Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, finds something missing!  [Read more…]

Why Pay For Home Inspection on New Home?

Hum either these Buyers dont need any privacy or they need a new builder!  [Read more…]

What Is An Arch Fault Circuit Interrupter?

 In simplified terms the function of an Arch Fault Circuit Interrupter is to detect the arching of electrical cords. This arching has caused multiple house fires.  [Read more…]

Home Inspectors New Standards of Practice

At its meeting on October 27, 2008, the Texas Real Estate Commission adopted revised Standards of Practice for [Read more…]