Why Don’t Home Inspectors Inspect Alarm Systems?

We do not inspect alarm systems because security system inspections require a different license than the license carried by Texas Home Inspectors.  We have a company that we recognize as professionals in Home Security Systems, and we make them available to all of our clients.

How To Handle Home Inspection Problems

 A Buyer’s Guide

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You Sent Questions, We Got You The Answers!

You Asked Your Professional Home Inspector Questions

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8 Ways to Save Electricity

1. Switch your Electric provider to Ambit Electricity as it is Low Cost and offers many benefits not provided by the BIG DOGS that take your money! www.YouShould2.JoinAmbit.com

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Don’t Buy Without Getting the House Inspected!

A home inspection by a licensed Home Inspector protects your investment by helping you to make certain that you are not buying a lemon. Accurate information provided to you about the property assists you in making an informed and educated purchase.

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Seven Tips for First-time Homebuyers


The home buying process may seem daunting to someone who has never purchased a home before. But, through home buying educational seminars offered in your community, and with the assistance of an experienced loan officer, a first-time home buyer can obtain a better understanding of their financing options, leading to a more positive home buying experience.

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