Fort Worth Home Inspector Finds Safety Important

The home had SAFETY ISSUES, your inspector found them and potentially saved my life.  That is right your Incredible Company saved my life. [Read more…]

Fireplace Hazard Found In Home Inspection

Dallas Home Inspector does not even think this situation needs a description or explanation as to why this Fireplace was marked as deficient on a report [Read more…]

Have a Nice Trip See you Next Fall?

Dallas Home Inspector Finds a Major Trip Hazard.  If you need [Read more…]

Electrical Hazard or What?

Time to call an Electrician

What does Realty Inspection Services tell their client when this is the Electrical Box found? [Read more…]

Warning T & P Valve Has Been Violated?


A/C Primary Drain Line is routed to drain into the Water Heater T&P (Temperature & Pressure) Drain Line?  What do you think will happen if the T&P valve pops off?

[Read more…]

Hazards of Single Drain Pools and Spas

Pool and spa drains- The suction from pool or spa with a single drain can catch and hold a small child or catch and entangle hair. [Read more…]

Hazards Around the House

Do you have hazards around your house? I mean besides the toy fire truck in the middle of your hall [Read more…]