If Only I Could Reach

Faucet FailThe Little Faucet That Could!  New Construction needs inspected also and here is another reason why.  This faucet fail was found in a home that was inspected by our Professional [Read more…]

What Does The Fox Inspect

Fox On The RoofWhat Does The Fox Inspect?  We love having helpers at our Fort Worth Home Inspections. This fox was enjoying some sunshine and really didn’t want us on the roof.   [Read more…]

Well If It Keeps The Garage Cool Then It Is Cool

Professional Home Inspection Grand PrairieWe Find some funny stuff that homeowners put on their homes.  This car fanatic has done a great job recycling his materials!   Paul Viveros, Real Estate Inspector, [Read more…]

Let’s Fill Up the Bathroom Mom Will Be Surprised

Revolving Faucet for SiteRevolving Faucets are not a Great thing to have but they are a Great thing for your Dallas Home Inspector to Find.  This might mom from having to clean up a HUGE mess! [Read more…]

Bathroom Door Debacle

RP4513.pdf (SECURED) - Adobe Acrobat Pro Rich Parker was inspecting a home in Keller Texas and look what he found.   So the guest goes in the right between the wall and the toilet, then closes the door, or do they straddle the toilet then close the door? [Read more…]

Electric Panel Box Ground Wire Mistake

CLARK 105CROSSWIND COURT ALEDO.pdf (SECURED) - Adobe Acrobat Pro This electric panel box ground was wrapped around the copper cold water line.  What is wrong with this?  An electrical ground must be attached to a cold water line with an approved clamp. [Read more…]

Is My Electric Panel Box Safe

Fort Worth Home Inspector finds burn marks inside panel boxBurn marks inside of an electrical panel box found by Fort Worth Home Inspector.  Many homes have older and unsafe panel boxes, or panel boxes that are located in clothing closets.  Realty [Read more…]

Knob & Tube Wiring

Our Home Inspector Found a Rather Unique Item Today. Knob-and-Tube wiring was the predominant wiring system through the 1920 s and 1930 s [Read more…]

Mommy Where is the Faucet?

Isn’t it funny that we look at items and notice something isn’t quite right but we are so excited about buying our first home that we [Read more…]

How To Beat Texas Heat

What a brilliant idea this Texas Homeowner had to help beat the heat.  Chris Goggans, Flower Mound Texas Home Inspector found this treat [Read more…]