How Often Do We Need To Change Our Filter

PATTON 3913 EVERGREEN ST IRVING.pdf (SECURED) - Adobe Acrobat ProHelp I Can’t Breath!  Can you imagine trying to breath through this filter?  In order for your HVAC unit to operate properly and for your family to have filtered air it is necessary to change your filter monthly.  There are filters on the market that will last longer than a month and for these you still need to check them monthly to make sure they are not dirty!  Now for the HVAC unit when it cannot get ample air it will not cool properly and the air flow to the home will be lowered.  This HVAC was installed in 1999 and Professional Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, had to crawl WAY back past the units to view this filter. Make sure when hiring a home inspector you ask them, “do you enter and crawl, if necessary, the attic space?”

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