Inspected My House Like It Was His Mother’s

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Howdy.  I’ve used your company twice in the past month.  And I must say Rich did a great job.  He went above and beyond what is required of him to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into.  Because of that, I opted out of the first house I was under contract with because of the seller’s refusal to fix things that were obvious issues with the house, and it wouldn’t have been generous to my bank account to fix all the stuff on my own dime.  The level he inspects the house at was high, as I compare his inspection report on the house I am buying to the previous potential buyer’s inspector.  Not only did Rich explain to me what everything meant, and how serious all the deficiencies were, but he also took pictures of everything.  The other inspector did not, making it hard to understand the gravity of the inspection, especially if you weren’t present at it.  He also seemed to have a great eye for detail, as he explained he goes to every inspection as if his mother is the client, and I guarantee after using his services, his mother has an amazing house!  So thank you Rich and Realty Inspection Services!


Kevin B.

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