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We’re buying our first home. Brad was great. Not only did he do a thorough inspection, he let us observe, and walked us through basic maintenance and things to look out for as responsible homeowners. And he was sure to find anything and everything that could be a potential issue in the house. Overall a very valuable experience.



Having made the decision to have a home inspection done prior to having the appraisal ordered and while I was still in my option period seemed to be the right thing to do.  Rich Parker was the inspector selected to do my inspection and I was pleasantly surprised that although he was scheduled to be there at the house to do the inspection at 9am he arrived at about 7:40 (house was vacant) and started his inspection.  He was very much a professional and went over everything in detail with me.  He was patient and respectful as he decribed his findings and documented all his findings well both in word and with supporting pictures.  I so appreciated his patience and kindness to go the extra mile.  Although the seller was unwilling to do much in the way of repairs, the inspection still provided me with a better way to prioritize my plan for work to be done after closing.

Thanks for giving me a game plan and a sense of security as I moved forward to purchase my next home.

Rayford H


Rich is calm, professional and good at what he does.  He recommended a professional roofer look at the Southlake home two weeks ago .  As a result, my roofer said the shingles had failed.  Now it’s a huge warranty issue with the manufacturer and will take weeks, maybe months to work out.  My buyers terminated in the option period so it all worked out, but it could have been ugly.  Anyway….I know that is Richs’ job, but I appreciated this thoroughness and I respect his professionalism.  Kudos to Rich!

Thanks again!

Randall L
Coldwell Banker Residential



This is Dr. & Mr. Jackson. We are very happy with the inspection. Rich was very professional and friendly. As he was inspecting the house we asked many questions about our plans for the house as they pertained to the particular things he was inspecting and he was a fount of information. We have already recommended his services to others including our real estate agent who recommended him in the first place.   Thank you!


We are pleased to share our experience with your company.  We were pleasantly surprised and a bit overhwhelmed with the level of detail to which your inspector Rich Parker went to inspect our new home.  He discovered and pointed out things about the property we would have never discovered on our own.  As a result of his dedication and hard work we believe we are entering into our purchase with as much information about our property as we possibly could have.  In addition, as a result of his excellent efforts, we have been able to negotiate concessions from the seller for repairs for most of the items Rich included in his report.  We absolutely would not consider using any other inspection company if and when we need another property inspected.  Please know it was a genuine pleasure to work with a professional of Rich’s caliber.  We requested a supply of his business cards and we will be referring your company to our friends anytime the opportunity arises.  Thanks to all of you for your courtesy, professionalism and most excellent work.

Rick A and Tom P


Debbie and I were pleased with the results of the home inspection by Realty Inspection Services. Inspector Paul Crowe was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to questions and issues we had during the inspection.  We plan to use his report after closing as a guideline for repairs and upgrades to the house. We will keep Realty Inspection Services in mind when we buy our next property.

Best Regards, Bob T


“Ris made my whole Home Inspection process extremely fast and pain free. Everything from signing the documents to paying for their services and receiving the inspection report was all taken care of on-line. I even received the thorough Inspection Report complete with images the same day the inspection was done. I couldn’t have asked for a better Home Inspection Experience.”
Thanks-Melissa Harris


It was a joy to work with your team, and Paul. Paul took his time to go through each item in the report and in addition showed me several items and explained why it would be beneficial for me to have the items corrected. The final report also provided my wife with a list of honey doe’s. Thanks Paul.   Thank you again for the smooth experience.

U’Neill G


Howdy.  I’ve used your company twice in the past month.  And I must say Rich did a great job.  He went above and beyond what is required of him to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into.  Because of that, I opted out of the first house I was under contract with because of the seller’s refusal to fix things that were obvious issues with the house, and it wouldn’t have been generous to my bank account to fix all the stuff on my own dime.  The level he inspects the house at was high, as I compare his inspection report on the house I am buying to the previous potential buyer’s inspector.  Not only did Rich explain to me what everything meant, and how serious all the deficiencies were, but he also took pictures of everything.  The other inspector did not, making it hard to understand the gravity of the inspection, especially if you weren’t present at it.  He also seemed to have a great eye for detail, as he explained he goes to every inspection as if his mother is the client, and I guarantee after using his services, his mother has an amazing house!

So thank you Rich and Realty Inspection Services! Kevin B.


Benbrook Home Inspection by Professional Home Inspector Paul Crowe got raving review: I will give you a 10 thumbs up. You were very helpful thorough and guide me through the complicated stuff. I will highly recommend you  from now on!

Manuel L


Our inspector, Richard Parker, was great.  He was on time, thorough, went to great lengths to ensure I understood his findings.  If I ever need home inspection services, I’ll come back to RIS.

Peggy, Home Inspection Bedford Texas


Hello.  We did not end up buying the home listed below.  However, we are under contract for a home here in Irving.  Because of the professionalism and integrity you showed at the other house, I would appreciate if you would come out and do an inspection in Irving this week.

Thank you very much, Stephanie, Irving Texas


Hi!  Our home inspection with Paul was great. He was incredibly professional, and took the time to address all of my questions. His expertise made moving into an older home a lot less scary!

Thanks! Kelly & Brian Hurst Texas


I was very pleased with the home inspection service performed by Realty Inspection Services. The inspection was conducted in a very professional methodical manner. Each item that was noted as an exception was fully explained with enough detail so that we knew exactly what needed to be done to fix the exception. I highly recommend Realty Inspection Services.

Regards, Bob D, Highland Village


Ok great. Thank you. Paul Crowe did a great job. He was very thorough in his inspection and showed such patience with us as we asked questions. We felt like our friend was inspecting the house and was giving us extra special attention. Thank you Paul.

Paul T, Keller Texas


I had a great inspection! Paul was my inspector. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. I was present for the inspection and oddly so was the homeowner. Paul was very professional, explained things as I followed him around, and answered any questions I had. I would definitely use RIS again.

Thank you, Nicole Welshons


We were very happy with our inspection. The inspector was courteous and very professional. We completely trust his report and repair suggestions.



Buyer commented that the inspector was “awesome”. I appreciated the ease AND quickness of setting up the inspection. Will use you again.

Suzanne Athey  Re/Max Team Athey


We had read a Realty Inspection Services report while searching for a new home and appreciated the thoroughness and ease of its presentation.  Therefore, we scheduled our inspection with Rich Parker and he did a superb job of taking his time, thoroughly inspecting the premises, and then explaining all elements to us.  It was a pleasure to do business with you!!

Steve and Kim S


Thank you for following up with us.  This gives me the opportunity to thank you for the excellent inspection that was done for us.  I was pleasantly surprised at the detail given to our inspection and that he took the time needed to do a thorough job.  When he was finished with his inspection he took even more time to explain in detail all the things he found and the things that I didn’t need to worry about.  It gave me confidence that our inspector knew his business.  After a year we have had no issues or surprises regarding our home and love the time we spend in it.

Paul C


Our inspection went well.  We are purchasing this home for our son and daughter in law.  I’m in the construction business, so I understood everything that was being done.  However, I don’t know much about electrical stuff, our inspector pointed out the electrical service/breaker box was dangerous and that the mfg. of it is out of business.  Based on that we asked the home owner to replace it, which she did.  Because of our inspection, I feel very comfortable with purchasing this home and having our kids live in it.  I will recommend others use you as well.

Thanks for the great service,  Tim


I recommended you folks based on the presentation you did at my office. I am also the Buyer’s agent for this transaction, so please email me a report. Giving y’all a chance, so do a good job for me. Thanks.
Harold G Hodapp, Jr, Realtor  Remax Heritage


The inspectors did a very thorough job and provided a thorough report.  I was present for the inspection.  They were very professional and helpful.

Neil V.


I was very pleased with the inspection. I’m sure I will have some questions once I move in!
-Brian L.


Realty Inspection Services (RIS) was great. They provided clear detailed information on the older home I was buying and saved me thousands in potential repairs..



Good afternoon,

Just a small note – to let you know, how impressed I was by your inspector.

On time, professional,  courteous, knowledgable …!

I am still in the market, for a rental property – I now know – who my inspection company will be.

Regards, Charles


Please accept my unconditional graditude…

“I have never recieved a more complete and revealing report.” Thank you for a job well done.

Tom T. 


My inspection was great!  The inspector was very thorough and was very good about answering my questions and explaining things as we went along.  I hope not to need another home inspection anytime soon, but when I do I will definitely be using your company. Thanks!

Sincerely, Ryan R



Thanks for your services .  It looks like we are going to purchase the Townhouse.

Also thank you for the “Tips of the Month”!  Maybe the tip about renewing the dishwasher freshness

will work on that refrigerator.!!!!!!  Let us hope it is cleaned out by now!!!!

Thanks again, Rose P


Thankyou for your service it was a very thorough inspection and we were totally confident in the findings. A professional service A1. Unfortunatley the deal did not go through, we are still looking for a house and when we find one to make an offer on we will call you again for an inspection. Thank you again. John L