Report Was Beneficial to Me

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It was a joy to work with your team, and Paul.  Paul took his time to go through each item in the report and in addition showed me several items and explained why it would be beneficial [Read more…]

What Is A QR Code

What is a QR code.  It is a Quick Response Code.  They have been in use for many years in Japan for inventory purposes.  Watch out world here they come!  QR codes will [Read more…]

Chimney Capped

Dallas/Fort Worth Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, found the chimney flue has been capped. If this young couple had not [Read more…]

Dallas Home Inspector Finds Faulty Stairs

Before you go up and down your attic stairs please make sure they are safe.  Dallas Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, found these two broken steps while [Read more…]

Deficient Foundation Found In Dallas

Foundations in Texas typically move some yet Dallas Texas Professional Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, has concluded that this foundation [Read more…]

Dallas Home Inspector vs Leaf Filled Gutters

These leaves are beautiful yet when they fill the gutters around your home it can cause some problems.  DFW Home Inspectors [Read more…]

Dallas Home Inspector Finds Service Wire in Tree

Grapevine Home Inspector finds Service wires growing into a tree.  Trees up next to your home are beautiful yet they need to be [Read more…]

EPA lead paint law goes into effect April 22

Steven Rappaport is looking for a contractor to redo the kitchen floor in his 1909 home in San Francisco’s Mission District, and he wants to make sure the renovation [Read more…]

Have a Nice Trip See you Next Fall?

Dallas Home Inspector Finds a Major Trip Hazard.  If you need [Read more…]

DeSoto Home Inspector gets an A+

We thought that Paul was timely, professional and very knowledgeable. We had some concerns [Read more…]