This Roof Repair Will Leak!

The roof to the left of the picture has the felt paper placed correctly, starting at the bottom and overlapping all the way to the top. The roof on the right of the picture [Read more…]

Why Pay For Home Inspection on New Home?

Hum either these Buyers dont need any privacy or they need a new builder!  [Read more…]

Vines on Home, Pretty or Problem?

Vines on Homes when groomed look nice, ungroomed look SCARY.  Structurally they can cause problems [Read more…]

Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspection Company

Dallas Home Inspectors providing home inspections throughout the entire DFW area.  Saving our client’s time and money since we are licensed for Home and Termite Inspections, one call is all it takes and each Dallas Home Inspection comes with a FREE termite inspection.

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Foundation Problem or Not?


Watch this video to see what Realty Inspection Services Home Inspector, Chris Goggans, found when Inspecting a Home in [Read more…]

What Is An Arch Fault Circuit Interrupter?

 In simplified terms the function of an Arch Fault Circuit Interrupter is to detect the arching of electrical cords. This arching has caused multiple house fires.  [Read more…]

Home Inspector Saves Buyers From Money Pit

Hi Chris and Katie!  I was not able to be at the last inspection ( Black Oak), but was told by my buyers that  Paul [Read more…]

Pleased Client Make It All Worth While

Chris and Katie,

Paul did an excellent job of inspecting the 4900 Black Oak house.  He also
answered our questions and explained what the repair issues were.  I will
use Realty Inspection and Paul again.

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Home Inspectors New Standards of Practice

At its meeting on October 27, 2008, the Texas Real Estate Commission adopted revised Standards of Practice for [Read more…]