A home inspection protects your investment by helping you to make certain that you are not buying a lemon. Accurate information provided to you about the property assists you in making an informed and educated purchase.

Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make and the inspection can help you evaluate the condition of the items found in the home ranging from the foundation to the roof, too include the electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing and appliances.

As an independent inspector, we work solely for you, and will provide you with a detailed report outlining the current condition of your potential home and any areas that are in need of repairs.

Additional Services We Provide

WDI ( wood destroying insects ) Inspection, or more commonly referred to as the Termite Inspection can be preformed in conjunction with the home inspection.


The Home Inspection can be the most misunderstood process during the entire course of purchasing or selling a home. Often times the Home Buyer has heard, or is under the assumption that a home inspection will reveal ANY and ALL problems or defects pertaining to the property. This is not correct. While the home inspection process is designed to detect many items in need of repair, or to detect a hazardous condition in the home, it is not all inclusive.

The Home Inspector performs a general home inspection in accordance with the guidelines of his or her licensing body. In the State of Texas, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) licenses real estate inspectors. The inspector’s knowledge is gained though formal schooling, training, and ongoing continuing education requirements as set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the requirements of our company, A-Action Realty Inspection Services.

For the Home Seller, the real estate inspection process can also be a frustrating time since they are often unaware of the TREC guidelines that the Inspectors are required to follow when performing the home inspection. An inspector is required to check over 250 items to see if they are functioning within their designed purpose. The Inspector does not inspect to building code requirements. Many times the items which we are required to report as “in need of repair” are simply past due maintenance items of which the seller is not even aware. If a particular item is called out “in need of repair” a specialist in that particular field should be called out at that time.

Many Home Sellers are now having their homes inspected prior to putting their house on the market to see what items might be in need of repair or correction. Correcting these “in need of repair” items before listing can help you bring top dollar from your home. Often there are simple past due maintenance items which may be corrected by the seller prior to having a potential Buyers home inspection performed which can save time and money.

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