Home Inspection Hotspots

Home Inspection Hotspots For Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Lewiville, Southlake Home Inspections

It is a must that house buyers seek the aid of a Professional Home and Termite Inspector before closing a deal. A Home inspection analyzes the current condition of a house, therefore helping the buyer to be aware of any necessary repairs that may be identified in the report.

Termites are rampant in Texas Homes and it is crucial that a Licensed WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspects your home for Wood Destroying Insects.  Termites cost Texas homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Everyone who is purchasing home should have the structure inspected by a licensed professional.

The review will include checking the foundation and making sure that the gutters point away from the building. They should not splatter water along the foundation since this can lead to foundation leaks.

Roofs and chimneys are reviewed for any issues. In the case of chimneys, the bricks and mortar must be in good condition. There should not be any blockages in the chimney. The roof is checked for any missing shingles, signs of damage and excessive wear. Any of these can lead to rotted and moist material underneath.

The plumbing system will be examined by the Home Inspector. He will be looking for any current or past leaks and also indications of possible future leaks. He will also check for proper connections in the system. Foundation leaks, roof leaks and plumbing leaks can all lead to excessive moisture in the property.

The home’s electrical system will also be tested out. The electrical configuration should be adequate for a household’s needs. Testing for short circuits or overloads is a part of the home inspection. He will check the main panel and wiring. Both new and older homes can have electrical issues. These can be very hazardous if not detected.

The process will also include a check on the heating and cooling systems, the windows, and appliances that will be left with the house. A thorough professional will provide you with a lot of information about the home you are buying. Not only will they identify health and safety issues and needed repairs but they will also help to educate you on how to maintain the property once it is yours.

This will protect you from moving into an unsafe home and provide you the information to negotiate with the seller regarding any needed repairs. It will also help you to keep the property in good order thus avoiding future safety issues and helping you to avoid costly repairs that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

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