Why Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

The Seller And The Inspector In Home Inspection

If you are selling your home consider having the house inspected. Many Dallas Texas Home Buyers today are hiring a Dallas Home Inspector prior to placing their property on the market. This will provide the seller with detailed information on items that need repair or maintenance so that the residence can be placed on the market with confidence.

If the original report included items that you have fixed and repaired, a follow-up inspection can be done on the dwelling. After this, a new report can be written that shows an accurate description of the current condition and indicates that it is not in need of any repairs. This can increase the chance of succeeding in selling the house and possibly provide you an offer at the asking price.

In addition the seller has the freedom to choose his own Home Inspector rather than letting the buyer make the decision. Concerns that are revealed can be addressed and remedied prior to a potential buyer ever seeing the property. Also, in case there are unclear statements in the inspection report, the seller can request clarification.

The seller can prepare for a better home tour and demand a higher selling price if the defects determined by the inspector are fixed. In a case where the home has many deficiencies realistic pricing can be obtained. Providing this information to prospective buyers can reduce the time spent by the seller showing the dwelling to people who would not be interested if these items came to light during an inspection after an offer.

Besides, it also brings about honesty and integrity on the part of the seller. This can increase the trust and rapport a potential buyer has with the seller. It also gives an unbiased and unprejudiced opinion regarding the property. The deal is then more likely to push through thanks to the objectivity that it can provide.

This pre-listing inspection also gives the seller an advantage in that they can proceed with any repairs on their own time schedule. This alleviates them from a time-deadline placed on them by a demanding buyer. They are less stressed because they are not at risk of having a deal fall through if they can not make the repairs within a certain deadline. Also, the seller has a chance to discuss any issues with the inspector before proceeding.

Having a pre-listing inspection offers the seller many benefits. It can help make for a better listing for the offered property, they are likely to get more prospects to view the place, they are likely to get an offer more quickly, they are more able to get a good offer and they save themselves from the worry of the buyer’s inspection discovering something they were not aware of. It is advantageous to the seller, the real estate agent and even to the prospective buyer if the house has already been inspected. It is truly a winning situation for all parties involved.

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